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Do I Need Therapy?

Do I need therapy?

We can all have ‘down days’ or times when the pressures of life or work get to us; or sporadic times we just feel off colour for no particular reason. Then there are always those days when we just get out of bed on the wrong side! This is life sometimes.
It is when life events and or mental issues are preventing us from being our best self or, when they are having an impact on our daily lives, including our work and relationships, that it is time to seek help.

Signs and Symptoms You Could be Suffering From Stress

Impatience, irritability or aggressiveness
Loss of libido
Lack of sleep
Excessive smoking, drinking or use of drugs
Withdrawal from usual activities, apathy
Headaches, migraines
High blood pressure
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Signs and Symptoms You Could be Suffering From Depression

Fatigue, especially in the mornings
Thoughts of death or suicide
Difficulty concentrating
Lack of motivation
Withdrawal from social circles – including family
Cannot find enjoyment or fun in anything
Thinking everything is pointless
Cannot see a future for yourself
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When you should seek therapy

If you are experiencing difficulty coping with any of these or you are showing signs of stress or depression* then please seek help.

Mental health conditions

Like anxiety, panic attacks, depression (mild to moderate), self-harm or an eating disorder

Difficult life event

Such as bereavement, work-related stress or a relationship breakdown

Struggling with difficult emotions

Like low self-esteem, self-confidence, guilt or anger

An upsetting physical health condition

Such as obesity or infertility which is subsequently causing you to experience one of the above

For some people these events may have occurred in the recent or distant past, but if they haven’t been resolved they can have a significant impact on their daily lives.

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